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The otherworldly aurora borealis, . However, a good coastline road around the country lets you chase clear skies. I have seen my best auroras from Kirkjufell mountain on the west coast. One of the best places to see aurora borealis is in Caithness, northern Scotland. This area has very little light pollution and provides amazing views for those looking to capture pictures of the lights. The northern coastline also allows you to take a … While this isn’t as ideally situated for seeing the northern sky that will allow you to see the aurora borealis, there are parts of the national park that do give good northerly views. In particular, this part of the Danish coastline curves northeast, so under good dark sky conditions, you may see the aurora by looking northwest or north from the coast. Northern Norway is among the most comfortable and interesting places to see the northern lights and to experience the unbelievable colours move across the Arctic sky. Find out where to go and the best time to see the aurora borealis. Chase the elusive Aurora Borealis by boat on this evening tour. Sail out from the coastline of Reykjavik for a fantastic and unique experience. Marvel at the fantastic scenery while looking for the northern lights. Travel with seasoned captains …

Do the Northern Lights Follow Coastlines? Reporter David Kestenbaum reports on a strange phenomenon discovered by scientists studying the Aurora Borealis. 1920 x 1080 Quality Northern Lights Tour Packages 20222023 : Nordic Visitor. Northern Lights Tour Packages. Venture to the northern hemisphere to hunt for the aurora borealis and see this breathtaking natural phenomenon first hand. Your northern lights tour package with Nordic Visitor comes with accommodation, activities and transport included. Iceland. Northern auroras often known as the 'Northern Lights' are called Aurora Borealis, which means 'dawn of the north'. . Tasmania and the southern mainland coastline. Activity: Aurora Chase, Dog Sledding, Fishing, Fjord Safari, Hiking, Husky, Mountain Skiing, Surfing. Discover Norway’s majestic Lofoten Islands with Svinøya Rorbuer as your base. At Svinøya you can stay in our cozy and comfortable rorbu cabins while exploring the unique Lofoten Islands. The rorbu cabins are idyllically located between the .

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