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Found here: Lightroom Mastery for Portraits. New: Lightroom Mastery for Portraits. Editing photos of people and portraits is very different from editing other types of images. It can be tricky, but if you know the right tips and techniques you can turn average images into … Digital Mastery is a great source of learning Lightroom, and their Master Academy program is a place where you can stream videos weekly as well as engage in a member’s only discussion group. You can also learn more from him by … May 16, 2021 A Step by Step Guide to Processing Portraits in Lightroom. Lightroom Mastery: December Workshops. Level 1: Saturday December 4th, 10am1:30pm PT Level 2: Sunday December 5th, 10am1:30pm PT I am now instructing Lightroom Classic and Photoshop via Zoom screen sharing so you can enjoy learning from home. Why attend my Lightroom CC Classic Mastery workshops?Many online workshop are just watch … link to this coursehttps:click.linksynergydeeplink?id=GwETjJoU9M&mid=39197&murl=https%3A%2F%2Fudemy%2Fcourse%2Flightroomccmasteryeverythin.

Lightroom Mastery shows you how to use Lightroom to its full potential; not by droning repetitions of someone else’s editing style, but through teaching you the basic premises of the software using easy to understand, realworld language that … Lightroom Editing Mastery. Editing can improve even your best photos. And there’s no faster way to edit than using Lightroom. That’s why professional photographers swear by it. So this course will show you how to use Lightroom to turn ordinary photos into magazinequality images! Not too many people are great at teaching, but Mark really nails it. I think you’ll be happy having him as your instructor, without getting too overwhelmed by new terminology and lengthy videos. The list of his digital bestsellers: Digital Camera Mastery; Lightroom Editing … Straight and stiff is not a good look for anyone. Straight torso, legs, and arms will result in flat and unnatural photos. Regardless of if your subject is sitting, standing, or lying down; encourage them to bend. A slight bend in the arm, a tuck of the leg, a tilt of the head, and suddenly you will have a subject who feels great and looks better. Lightroom Mastery: People & Portraits. 101 Lightroom Portrait Presets. Lightroom Mastery Course. 101 Landscape Lightroom Presets. Fast FLASH for Portrait Perfection. 101 Lightroom® Presets Pack. Life in Natural Light: The Ultimate Guide for …

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